Thursday, April 14, 2011

It's Super Dynamic!

Oh looky. Blogger has gone and made some new viewing modes called Dynamic View. So now instead of the usual style (which we had spend a fair bit of time years ago deciding on a theme, and switching twice so far to this current theme), we can go...






It's Super Dynamic Viewing Time!

Generally the new Dynamic View gave us that feeling like when Apple introduced Cover Flow for iTunes, and then for their iPods and iPhones: we need to post up at least one photo per post.

But here's the thing.

Us, we use the NewsRack app to download blog updates to read (the problem with NewsRack is that sometimes trying to comment isn't easy as using Safari itself).

Others use Google Reader. Or probably the sidebar of a blog where the latest posts show up.

And while we do have bookmarks to blogs we keep up with, it's bookmarked for the usual site. So we'll have to manually edit it to get the Dynamic View, but by then we would be too busy reading the post already.

So, uh, Dynamic View, anyone? We guess it'll look pretty if you use your favourite blog as an interactive desktop wallpaper, though.


Raj said...

were u a gamer ? i was a gamer too .My fave games were Tombraider series , megaman x series ,Mortal kombat series , all the games of the late 90's !

Janvier said...

Raj: Still a gamer! For us we keep with Street Fighter, MK, Mario platformers and Zeldas just to name a few!

William said...


Raj said...

i used to enjoy playing all those games, until i got windows 7 , then all the old games were unable to run smoothly .I loved MK and Street fighter , however never had a chance to play zelda though . I am not sure abt you , but I was a teen of the late 90's , i guess the best times of the gaming world ....nowadays its work this , commitment that , we all lose the time to go gamin ! sigh

simon said...

sohai stop blogging