Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Suspicious Manna

...from heaven, so far. Causing us some confusion.

See, today as we were doing some online banking, we noticed that one account had a sudden noticiable increase in balance. Surprising and noticiable because we rarely do much with that account.

We called up the bank and was not able to trace the source of money - customer service informed us that it was their policy not to reveal the source. The best we got was a vague assumption that it was either some form of salary or dividends.

Not that we know of any of that sort going into that particular account, no. And the description on the transaction made no sense to us too.

The Chief denies having anything to do with it. We've yet to check with our parents, however, if it were from family we would have been informed of it earlier. Oh, not to mention for the family it's normally through a different bank. And we've not joined any contests from any banks or anywhere, and for those we should be getting some prior notification.

So here we are with a little bounty. And next thing you know, we get word on Facebook that the Nintendo 3DS has landed on our shores. Limited stocks and all that. Prices out and confirmed.

mmm. We're tempted. Confused and tempted. We could go on a spree, only to find out much later someone coming to lay claims about that cash, like our mum probably suddenly telling us that we should be expecting some paid dividends or interest in our account soon, that's actually belonging to our aunty, please help withdraw and pass it to her, or something to that extent.

Sigh. Admittedly if it was the announcement that the iPad 2 has launched and is available right now we would have probably gone and get one on impulse.

For all we know this could really be a little present to us for us to take and enjoy, and here we are doubting it!

Update: There's something wrong with the WYSIWYG on IE9, hence we'd to reedit everything via HTML!


john said...

u shud be in singapore rather than malaysia, malaysians so lazy

savante said...

Help! I need paragraphs!

William said...

Just eat the durian.

Janvier said...

John: What did that have to do with the sudden appearance of moolah? Do you mean by how they didn't want to reveal the source of sudden income?

Savante: Fixed!

William: We'll let it ripen first!

John said...

i just feel that pple in malaysia are dumber and lazier than singaporeans , thats why singaporeans always look down at malaysians

Ban said...

hmm. Have you asked junior?

john said...

plse dont call us racist ok , we think of all malaysians , regards of race ,.... dont think we think that just coz ur chinese , we think ur same , nope , chinese singaporeans are way smarter compared to malaysians

Ted said...

Just checked my 'seldom used' account and unfortunately your predicament seems to be an isolated case.

Janvier said...

Ban: Don't think junior would know anything about this!

Ted: Oh well. You never know!

Jaded Jeremy said...

Good, you can treat us to some food. Goreng pisang will do :)