Thursday, June 17, 2010

Phuket Revisited 2010: We Love It When A Plan Comes Together

It was only last year when we first visited Phuket, and now we've gone for a second trip! Better yet, this time we had a longer stay of 5 days and made the most of it!

Interestingly, by "making the most of it", we actually mean "spending time sleeping at the beach".

Our plans were kept simple. Within the 5 days we were there, we would do 2 facials, 2 massages, tan at the beach, swim at the hotel pool, walk about at Jungceylon when Thailand's Sale starts, go island hopping to Phi Phi Island, stock up on food and drinks found only in Thailand, gorge ourselves out on the food at Patong and catch a movie at the SFX Cinema in Jungceylon on our final day.

And by the end of our trip we managed all that (save watching a movie - we would have watched Sex And The City 2 for only 800 baht instead of 1200 baht but timing was rather tight), and more! There was shopping at Jungceylon and at Central Festival, there were aloe vera massages as well, we bought things we never expected, and we slept off all our sleep debt!

This trip was also planned to fully maximize our time in Phuket, hence our departure flights were 7.25am to Phuket and 9.05pm back to KL. Which meant that we'd to leave to KL Sentral at 4am, take the AirAsia Skybus shuttle by 5am so that we could reach LCCT by 6am. Slept throughout the journey on the bus, checked in and then headed on to the Plaza Premium Lounge for some breakfast. Once aboard the plane we didn't get to sleep as we had our pre-booked meals to dig into, although we must admit the quality has diminished from what we hand previously (yes we also had the Asian Fried Rice that williamnyk had!)...

Upon arrival at Phuket International Airport we soon got a cab and slept the entire journey to the Royal Paradise Hotel.

After checking into the hotel at about 9am, we unpacked our stuff and slept.

Even on the following day, while tanning at the beach, we slept soundly for a couple of hours.

The drawback about leaving so early to head to Phuket, especially with only a couple of hour's sleep the night before. But no matter, as it all falls into the plan! This trip was meant to be a relaxing getaway!

Next up, MEALWHAT(tm): Phuket Picks!


William said...

THAT fried rice! -_-"
Apasal banyak katil?

Cheryl said...

2+1, Threesome ke?

carpe diem said...

Sleep sleep fav past time

Booker said...

Sounds like a lovely holiday :D

I want one too!

Ban said...

"sleeping" :)

Alex said...

Plenty of space to roll about... lol

Janvier said...

William: It comes with the room!

Cheryl: How did you come up with those figures?!

Carpe diem: It's a good pastime for some!

Booker: It was a lovely holiday indeed!

Ban: Aberden?

Alex: Yes! No need to fight for bedspace!