Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Phuket Revisited 2010: MEALWHAT(tm) Phuket Picks

MEALWHAT(tm) interrupts the Bangkok Photolog series to present you this special edition!

We begin with LUNCHWHAT(tm) on the first day at Phuket! After checking in and resting at the hotel, we head to a favourite spot for lunch: Restaurant No 6!

This place serves decent meals that doesn't cost a bomb and most of their drinks are either served in tall glasses with lots of ice, or in bottles with a foam cosy to keep the beer icy-cold.

After some mulling for where to go next, we decided to splurge a bit for DINNERWHAT(tm)!

Two people.

Four dishes.

All of them, mouthwateringly delicious.

Although we must admit, the butter and garlic sauce may be just a little bit too much for two people...

Every morning, for BREAKFASTWHAT(tm) we would indulge in a heavy buffet breakfast consisting of porridge, pastry buns, toast, pancakes, pork sausages, ham, scrambled eggs, juice, and tea or coffee.

On our second day in Phuket, whatwith a heavy dinner the night before and a heavy breakfast in the morning, LUNCHWHAT(tm) saw us taking it easy and sharing just one dish once we arrived at Central Festival!

After some shopping what better way to rest than to indulge in some ice cream?

And after even more shopping later, it was time for DINNERWHAT(tm)!

We decided to walk into Yayoi after seeing a poster of the yakisoba with omelet.

And while we're able, most of our dishes will feature pork!

Day three in Phuket had us going island hopping to Phi Phi Island for most of the day! LUNCHWHAT(tm) was a simple buffet lunch setup that filled the stomach after our snorkeling session.

For DINNERWHAT(tm) we were introduced to MK Gold by the Chief! However, the branch at Jungceylon was a steamboat setup and not the barbeque setup that the Chief intended to introduce to us. Nevertheless the food was still good!

Everything was poured into the bowl and it all came to a boil quickly.

What we're really reminded of with the sauce is the sweet sauce you get when eating dim sum. What else is in that sauce, we've no idea. But it's tasty!

Day four saw us having our meals at Restaurant No 6 again! A very convenient place for food indeed.

Day five was our last day in Phuket! Yes, somehow we either have been having Thai food or Japanese food when dining in Phuket.

Fuji's food was still good, although must make note for Chief to not order the Fuji Green Tea Fit in the future.

The pork rolls were a delight, mixing pork and cheese!

In future trips to Phuket, we will explore Deutsche Kneipe if they still have their All-You-Can-Eat offer, and Hard Rock Cafe (to get the Phuket Hurricane glass!), and perhaps one of the other recommended seafood restaurants!


William said...

It's been 7 years since I had MK Steamboat.

Fable Frog said...

Wah lau eh~ you guys really know how to enjoy food! :)

Aik Yong said...

If i could, i would give this a thumbs up. this food blog is good! i'm speechless!

Koala Express said...

wow nice food. n super long post. i'm going there too.

Janvier said...

William: Time to go again?

Fable Frog: We must! Otherwise there will be no chance to enjoy all sorts of food :D

Aik Yong: We're glad you approved.

Koala Express: Yes, rather long isn't it? Way past our 10 photo limit ;P Have fun there!