Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Moonlight Carries The Message Of Love

We've been rather late in discovering YouTube Downloader. Prior to YouTube Downloader we've been kickyoutubing any videos we were interested in (not a lot), but when we found ourself occasionally heading to watch Lady Gaga's whacky Telephone music video, we thought it best if we kept a copy handy on our iPhone instead.

Beyonce's 'bad girl' line never fails to crack us up.

Then there were the parody videos, our favourites being Sherry Vine's take on Bad Romance...

...and the Key Of Awesome's Telephone.

YouTube Downloader made us a very happy man by making it hassle-free downloading the vids! Then, of course, iTunes had to inform us that some of the videos that we downloaded weren't able to be copied over to our iPhone. It happens. No biggie. We'd just use iTunes to convert it to an iPhone compatible format.

Leaving it overnight to convert as it was rather late and the file wasn't small, we sync'ed it the next day and what do you know, when we watched it the resolution was compromised. Bloody disappointing. Then we recalled reading the review on YouTube Downloader (we think this was a review on about YouTube Downloader being able to convert files as well, so we thought, what the heck, might as well give it a go.

Not only was the conversion much faster, but it kept the original resolution!

Finally, something that made putting videos on our iPhone much easier. Then there were the Gag Che videos that, while in Cantonese which meant we understood less than one third of what is talked about, were still funny (thanks Little Prince for introducing!) and so we snagged everything.

That led us to editing all the information so that it doesn't just clog up our video's section on the iPhone, but is categorized under TV Shows etc. Our iPhone videos section now looks much neater!

After all that, we decided to try using the YouTube Downloader for one more experiment: converting Real Media files to Quicktime format.

And so, we now have the entire Sailormoon Sailorstars season on our iPhone! Happiness is us! No more waiting to use the telly, making supper, then proceeding to slot in a DVD to watch an episode! Now all the episodes can follow us wherever we go! Joy! The moonlight carries the message of love!

Too bad we only managed to convert the Sailorstars season. The first season of Sailormoon were in a slightly different Real Media format, .ram, while the Sailorstars season were in .rm format. YouTube Downloader couldn't convert .ram to .mov as far as we tried, hopefully in the future this will be improved on!


William said...

Ooo... it's free!

Janvier said...


Ted said...

Lady Gaga's telephone gets quite a bit of playtime on my iPhone as well :p

Little Dove said...

Love your post title. Go Sailormoon!

plainjoe said...

Sailormoon is still going on at this time and age? I am soooo outdated...

Alex said...

And I'm trying to get all Scott Herman's vidz on my iPod touch!

Ban said...

sailorstars had the gender switching sailors iirc.

Aaron said...

Format Factory to change format and see?
i've been using it and no problems so far

Janvier said...

Ted: We wonder what other videos do too!

Little Dove: Sailormoon week coming soon!

Plainjoe: Well, she still lives in the hearts of those who believe!

Alex: But we no likey Scott!

Ban: Yes they did!

Aaron: Have yet to try it out!