Friday, May 21, 2010

Ad-verse Reactions

Now we pretty much could have made do with using our old modem, but there was one particular thing that had us got us looking for a new wireless modem router.

See, it all started when William mentioned about playing Scrabble with SK, now that they've joined the ranks of iPhoners. That caught our attention, we never paid much attention to that app in the iTunes Store as we never fancied playing with AI, whatmore needing to pay USD4.99 for it. Asked him and it turns out to be a free app, so we jumped onto the bandwagon for some gametime.

And this pretty much happens.

Prior to playing Words With Friends Free, our data usage mid-April was some 250MB. We'd never really hit 500MB with our Maxis data plan and thought 500MB was a comfortable limit for us, we could Facebook, email, surf, navigate via Maps and not really worry about hitting 500MB. So when we started Words With Friends Free, every time it was our turn and we were free to play we would be looking for word placements. And it being the free version instead of the paid version, advertisements featured heavily in the game, especially after every move we made, an ad will pop up.

Now, come May we checked our usage and saw we were close to the 500MB mark. We weren't really sure how much but thought we were safely within the limit. But our Maxis bill told us otherwise - from the RM100 average to RM150ish! Overshot.

That got us to slow down playing Words With Friends Free unless we're in a wifi area, and so no playing at home.

Until now, that is! Currently we're on par with William, derek, carpe diem, poor SK keeps opening up opportunities for triple word and double word scoring, and Legolas is absolutely trashing us!


Henry Yeo said...

oohhh.....which dictionary are you guys using in the program? the US or international one?

AmeZac said...

The game sound like fun.

William said...

I'm pleasantly surprised that you did not refer to me as The Nyukster.

Janvier said...

Henry Yeo: No idea. The upside of the game is that if a word is unacceptable, we can't play it.

AmeZac: And they'll tell you it's your turn via push notification!

William: You Naughty boy you.

carpe diem said...

I haven't checked my bill yet. omg...But it is really addictive.

Henry Yeo said...

make room for me!!!!

Legolas said...

I'm running out of luck now.

Takashi said...

oooooohhhhhhhhhhh patutler i dun have ur blog list~! im not in ur roll either!! lolx!!

Janvier said...

Carpe Diem: It helps that the dictionary's in-built so you don't have to worry if a word's unplayable!

Henry Yeo: You iPhoning?

Legolas: LIE!!!

Takashi: Hahaha updated! ;)

King June Wayne said...

Having fun gaming together? Can I join next time?