Monday, February 01, 2016

Jelakjuice Time

So somewhere at the start of last year we decided to give protein powder supplements a try. We figure it would be cheaper than trying to have steak for dinner every night. So we headed out, asked for a bottle of protein powder suitable for the likes of us who are lactose intolerant, and came back with a big bottle of chocolate flavoured powder and a shaker.

The first time we tried it, it tasted ok.

After a few times, there's only one word for it.


Am so glad we have a word to fit this. It reminds us of the video of some people volunteering to try Soylent for a week and was already jelak of the thing by Day 2.

Still, we slogged through, tried packing it in small containers to take after workouts, tried blending it with yoghurt and fruits...and in the end we've settled to just taking the protein powder in the office before leaving and going for our workout - easier cleanup overall (this was why we never knew that there's a problem with people having smelly shakers where they never wash the shakers soon enough).

Once we finished our first bottle, we went back to the store only to find out that they don't have stock of what we took, and recommended a different brand.

This second brand had some hydrolysed beef protein isolate that, upon opening the bottle, offended our sinuses so bad we were tempted at times to throw the entire bottle away. We don't know how now that we managed to finish that bottle, the smell was so bad.

Now we're onto yet a third brand, and well the smell is acceptable, only that we're still super jelak of the thing and it gives us a mild headache after drinking it. The idea of steak dinners every night is rather enticing, if only we managed a decent dinner hour...

Oh well jelakjuice time.

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William said...

Mix in some apple cider vinegar?