Thursday, September 08, 2011

Final Final Destination?

We guess we were expecting a fair bit from Final Destination 5.

S'been such a long time since the previous Final Destination aka "The Final Destination", which we recall was in 3D (and yes we watched that in 3D), and honestly the show is so formulaic that we never realized that this is the sixth Final Destination movie, actually (and we watched this in 2D).

Only the first movie actually made any impression on us - because of the sinister way everyone died (they actually highlighted that there was a sinister force at work leading to the deaths rather than it being totally coincidental!) and the way the cast tried to figure out who's the next victim etc. The other movies in the series...well, just before the end credits of Final Destination 5, they showed snippets from all the previous movies, and that helped jog our memory.

In Final Destination 5, it starts out the same: the main hero gets a vision of impending doom where everyone dies graphically, panics and creates a scene, then he and some others escape and cheats death, only to mysteriously die one by one later on.

The death of the first survivor, that was a treat. The way it focused on so many hazards really had us wondering just how the victim would die! The way the victim died, though, had us scratching our head as we can't really see it happening in real life - it was rather Happy Tree Friends. The second victim received similar treatment, focusing on different hazards that had us all guessing.

After that...everything seemed a blur as if the movie couldn't kill the victims fast enough.

Anyways, somewhere near the end of the movie we had an aha moment (let's not spoil it). What further made it an aha moment was when we realized something else that caught our attention just before the first survivor/victim died.

This aha moment was further reinforced at the end of the movie, but it's such that not everyone would realize why. So we felt like checking up to see if we were correct regarding our aha moment.

Hence when we got back home, the Chief and us started watching Final Destination 1. It turned out the Chief couldn't remember watching the movie so we watched the beginning till the point when the plane exploded, and onwards for a couple of creative deaths before calling it a night.

And yes, our aha moment turned out to be correct. And we're hoping this means that there will be no more Final Destination movies!


William said...

Kalau ada FD6... sudah melampaui batasan

thompsonboy said...

make more monies

the fact that you are watching it says alot

Anonymous said...

cant u put some man on man action gawd asss

ooi2009 said...

agreed , need some less than boring posts , why are u so shy to put personal stuff ahhh/

Jaded Jeremy said...

Ooooh let me know thhose aha moments when we next meet, ok?

Henry Yeo said...

you wish.....Hollywood is so depleted of original ideas that they will just sequel-ize whatever that sells.