Wednesday, January 05, 2011

iPods, iPods Everywhere

Last night when synchronizing music and videos and apps, we just found things getting to a ridiculous point.

For we had to sync music to the iPod Video 30GB (which is reaching full capacity, all of which is just music and no videos at all).

Then season 3 of Dexter as well as a couple of movies to be sync'ed to the iPod Touch 8GB (also at full capacity, but hey, it's only 8GB).

Then a bit of music, a bit of videos, and synchronize updated apps between our iPhone and desktop.

Goodness from cutting down to a single iPhone instead of carrying about a Nokia and the iPod Touch, it seems that we will be carrying all three if we wanted to be equipped with our media! Goodness knows how if and when the iPad (we'll wait to see what's new in the next generation!) comes into the picture.

And here's hoping the iPhone goes to 64GB with a battery that can play music, videos, surf etc and last two days.

1 comment:

Henry Yeo said...

it definitely won't last 2 days....