Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wax / Wane

Right. It's been a month now since we've waxed, and convenience-wise waxing definitely tops shaving. While we may like the feel of short prickly stubble, chafing stubble is no fun at all (especially when they're prickly enough to prick through clothes!) and we can only take a week at most before having to shave again. While post-waxing hair is soft and does not itch as it is not prickly! Also only need upkeep after 3 weeks! And we're told that after a few sessions the regrowth rate will slow down even more!

The only problem is, waxing will wax our wallet free of cash too if we keep at it every three weeks, compared to shaving. And we could just let hair grow back again, that would be even more wallet-friendly.

Oh well. If we didn't like it we would have stopped shaving a year back, heh.


William said...


Alex said...

Shave only la...

Jaded Jeremy said...

Eh, about to say what William suggested: PoD told me about DIY wax before. Way cheaper.

Booker said...


Painless and very effective :D

Janvier said...

William: Different kind of wax!

Alex: Might go back to that!

Jaded Jeremy: Half the price!

Booker: The way the precautions went about on the Veet packaging, we got concerned!