Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ask Nicely, Can?

Recently we just got this text message from a friend (that has a way of, well, irritating people with his attitude) that goes:

Janvier i got fren moving to KJ. Plz show him around, esp food spots. Name [Friend 1's name] n [Friend 2's name], tel [Friend's tel no]

Right. We still remember the last time he asked us for a favour, which include asking us to bring our collection of boardgames to introduce to some of his friends...which turned out to be the majority of his church friends in one of his friend's house. Awkward? Yes. It sort of felt like we were the entertainment he was suppose to bring for the event, sans balloons, monkey-playing accordian and the likes.

Now this. We think he overestimates our friendliness and ease at mixing with people. Just because we can get along with some people doesn't mean we're immediately able to talk to anyone.

The overestimation of our friendliness (if indeed that's what it is) we can take but we're irked at the way we were asked to do this. No phone call or text message to ask if we we could do him a favour, he's got some friends coming down to stay in KJ, if we were free could we show them around, especially when it comes to food areas (the emphasis for food spots here we gather is due to our numerous MEALWHAT(tm) updates on Facebook we suppose)?

But nooooo...just a, "Janvier, I've friends going over. Please show them around." Like we are only too please to do your bidding as and when you want it.

We're not saying that we don't do favours, or that we want people to bend over and grovel, but, ask nicely, can?

The style of the text somehow reminds us of womenfolk in church, who will ask other churchmembers or their children to do these kind of favours (and will do them if asked by others). The only difference here is that we aren't related to this friend nor does his attitude cause one to feel ready to help.

So anyways we're actually incline to refuse, because our normal eating hours will be some 3 hours later than everyone else (say, 10.30pm for dinner?) and we don't think his friends would appreciate waiting till then to discover food spots.

And we're tempted to just reply:

Hi we got horny gay fren moving near your place. Plz douche before meeting him, don't worry he likes it tight and is gentle. Name [fictitious name] tel [fictitious mobile number]


Gratitude said...

Sometimes, good peeps juz get taken advantage of. Sad isn't it?!

Cheryl said...

haha... so pengz one. Just said CANNOT MAKE IT . Keep the SORRY word also. haha sounds bitch :P

Ted said...

Aiyo, majiam itu olang pun ada kah? But the sad thing i think is, he's probably not aware of it himself. Unless someone has pointed this out and still no change, i donno.

Aik Yong said...

ahahahhaha, nice one. hope that friend reads this blog and repent :P

seriously, i think you're friendly too, but in an introvertise way... kekeke

William said...

Ignore the 'fler.

WV: screw

savante said...

Puppet marah! I takutz!! :(

Fable Frog said...

reject jer~

Legolas said...

Together with the Glee Cast, you can tell him "You Can't Always Get What You Want", and ask him "Don't Rain On My Parade" "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going" to bring your friends out.

Booker said...

LOL, please douche.


He's so taking you for granted la.

So sad that this is what you get for being nice. sigh.

Janvier said...

Gratitude: Because good people sometimes become welcome mats, what to do...

Cheryl: Haven't reply! Don't think shall!

Ted: Itumajiam pun ala! True, we think he isn't aware how it puts people off.

Aik Yong: We've no idea if he reads the blog haha!

William: Oh, VW supports you!

Savante: But we know you better than him! Tak 'yah marah!

Fable Frog: Quite likely ignore je :)

Legolas: Should we do 'I Broke The Windows Of Your Car' as well? Hmmm, a bit dangerous, perhaps not.

Booker: Ah well. There's nice things about being nice anyways! :D

Alex said...

WOW! Janvier is angry!
I would too! Even if he asks nicely.

Jaded Jeremy said...

That's so rude. Tell him you may entertain request/favour if asked but you don't take orders.

Or just say no. I would.

Mikey said...

Fricking born every minute. Just ignore the fella n he'll get the drift. Stay chill.. :)

Little Dove said...

Here, have a Kit Kat.

RPMnut said...

You could reply something to this effect:

"Sure. Not a problem. Would you like me to bathe them too when they're done eating and wiping their bottoms when all that food ultimately wants out?"

Or you could just ignore the sms and pretend that your cellphone died.

Janvier said...

Alex: If he asked nicely we might consider, or reply back.

Jaded Jeremy: Still thinking of which response we would use!

Mikey: Chilling despite the text! :)

Little Dove: Thanks! Chocolate is good.

RPMNut: That last line sounded pretty much like what happened when we wanted to propose Program Video Exchange! ;P

Bong said...

and then he reply:
"Janvier... I didn't know there were 8 of them when u sent your frens over... and apparently they like to play rough when I'm not douched... So... Please send more frens."

Henry Yeo said...


wingedman said...

You're missing the point. How hot were the friends?